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5 Ways to Save Money on Adwords

By John Pellinghelli, Co-founder of Metric Digital

Having audited hundreds of Adwords accounts, I have a 10 minute process to figure out whether an account is healthy or not.  I apply very black or white rule to each element that I analyze: Is this generating profit or is it wasting money?

There are dozens of ways to easily waste money on Adwords. Setting up a campaign and using the default settings? You’re wasting money. Running display ads and not opting out of mobile apps? You’re wasting money. Running broad match keywords and not checking matched search terms? You’re wasting money.

I have put together a quick list of 5 areas to check that will save you time and money. If one of these things saves you some money then take some of that dough and buy your mother something nice for me.

1. Campaign Settings

2. Keywords

3. Display

4. Deep dive on top spenders

5. Optimize for conversions

There you have it. Hopefully at least one of these helps save you some money. Have a question, or want to talk more about Adwords best practices? Get in touch

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