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Facebook Re-marketing Segmentation 101 Remarketing is a significant, and often times very valuable, piece of digital marketing, as its audience is guaranteed to be at least somewhat aware of the respective promoted brand. Facebook VS Google AdWords Metric Digital CEO and Cofounder Kevin Simonson and Cofounder John Pellinghelli get together in a Q&A series to talk about what you need to know about marketing. How We Audit Ecommerce Email Marketing Programs We share our approach to audit the quality of a client's email marketing program. How We Turned Facebook From Dud to Stud for, a marketplace for top engineering talent and employers to come together for recruiting purposes, needed to add engineers to their marketplace. We helped grow their business drastically via paid advertising, profitably. A Retail E-Commerce Success Story Metric Digital recalls a story of a successful retail e-commerce and how they developed through the times. Connecting Marketing Metrics to Business Success It’s no secret that successful marketers are obsessed with metrics and quantifying their marketing decisions, but not all metrics or applications are created equal. Facebook Ads Over the Past Decade Kevin and John offer information handy to new advertisers about Facebook ads, and how they have evolved and changed over the past decade. How To Add Snapchat into Digital Marketing John and Kevin talk about how they would incorporate snapchat into their digital marketing strategies. How to get more Instagram followers Experts of digital marketing, Kevin and John explain the business value of growing Instagram followers. And how it will affect your business. The Development of Google Adwords John looks back at the past decade and discusses how Google Adwords has changed through the years. He goes on to discuss how novice advertisers might be affected by it. A Non-Traditional Digital Marketing Success Kevin and John share their experiences working on the most unexpected of projects and how they worked their way to success in the unlikely scenarios. Metric Digital’s Biggest Leadgen Success Kevin and John shares what their biggest success was during their time with Metric Digital, and what they learnt from it.