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The Curiosity Chronicles, Issue 01: What's Working In Performance Marketing Right Now

By Claire Mahon, Associate Digital Specialist, Metric Digital

Throughout the month, our teams participate in knowledge sharing sessions.

Together, team members gather to solve client performance issues as well as share successful tests and performance wins. We kick off each meeting by going around the room to offer up our challenges so that we can brainstorm and resolve our issues together, ultimately continuing to grow our internal knowledge base.

It’s fast, fun, solution-oriented, and it gives us a chance to flex our curiosity muscles.

Periodically, we’ll be compiling many of those performance marketing best practices here on our blog. We want to give you a chance to be a fly on the wall! After all, paid media is our bread and butter, so we’re excited to share the latest and greatest in the areas of social, search (and beyond!) to help your company grow.

What’s Working On Social (Facebook/Instagram)

What’s Working On Search (Google)

What other questions do you have about what’s working or not work in performance marketing right now? Send us an email and we’d love to chat.

Until next month, keep your curiosity muscle flexed!

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