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Do the work once, benefit many times over

By Scott Ginsberg, Head of Content, Metric Digital

Here’s the official definition of knowledge management.

It’s super sexy, prepare yourselves:

The systematic process by which information needed for an organization to survive is created, captured, shared and leveraged.

The key word here is leveraged.

Because that’s how information scales. Its value multiplies in direct proportion to the extent that we use it.

That’s why startups who master their knowledge management process thrive. After all, these organizations are scrappy companies with tight budgets and agile employees who are likely wearing multiple hats. Any time someone can do the work once and benefit many times over, it’s a win for the whole team.

Leverage, then, can be thought of as a strategic framework for increasing the rate of return on your informational assets.

A few examples:

That’s leverage. Do the work once, benefit many times over.

It’s also the beauty of the startup environment. You have the advantage of working in a highly generative space. Whatever you put into it, multiplies exponentially.

But only if you ask the right questions. Only if you are promoting the pervasive sharing and capitalizing of knowledge. And only if you are maximizing the use and reuse of all your intangible assets for your clients, partners and employees.

Before you start patting yourself on the back for your new creation, make sure you’re thinking about maximizing your leverage down the line.

Is your organization learning faster and leveraging farther than the competition?

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