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Black Friday/Cyber Monday Facebook Advertising Results: What Ecommerce Brands Learned In 2019 As we look back at Q4 performance across our clients, we also want to take a moment to share performance highlights from the season, along with recommendations on how your brand can optimize in the future. How to Test Your Paid Media For Optimal Results, Part 1 In this new series, we’re going to be answering key questions about the testing mindset, frameworks for structuring tests and other curiosity driven digital marketing topics. How Arri Bagah Helps Brands Make Six Figures Figures A Month With SMS Marketing In this DTC spotlight piece, we sat down with the founder of Conversmart to talk about mobile trends, customer acquisition, omni channel integration, teeth whitening, mattresses, and much more! DTC Recap: What We Learned In 2019, And How To Win In 2020 (Insert Hindsight Joke Here) Our team members are often asked to comment on digital marketing news, trends and product launches in major media outlets like Digiday, AdWeek, WordStream and more. Here are the highlights to help you win in 2020! The Curiosity Chronicles, Issue 02: What's Working In Performance Marketing Right Now Paid media is our bread and butter, so we’re excited to share the latest and greatest in the areas of social, search (and beyond!) to help your company grow. Inhousing Roundup: Leading Research, Opinions & Insights On Why Brands Are Taking Ownership Of Digital Marketing Wherever you sit in relation to this inhousing continuum, we want to be a resource for you. In this post, we want to share several pieces of thought leadership, both our own and those of trusted partners, to help you understand and navigate your own inhousing experience. How Nik Sharma Thinks About Direct To Consumer Through The Food & Beverage Lens We had the chance to sit down with Nik recently, chatting about everything from food and beverage to shipping costs to brands winning in the DTC space to how to diversify beyond Facebook and Google. First Look! 2019 Black Friday/Cyber Monday Facebook & Instagram Ads That Worked & Why Here are some of the best examples of creative that ran on Facebook and Instagram during Black Friday and Cyber Monday this week. Find out why they worked! How to Find More Money to Spend On Paid Advertising Where will your company access its new capital? And how will you invest that money to grow your brand? Here are your options, along with their upsides and downsides. (Event Recap) Customer Experience Unpanel -- Ecommerce Lesson From Zaius, ZenDesk, Strut This & Swym Zaius, ZenDesk and Swym hosted an interactive and engaging discussion on retail data, stories, stories, along with some discussion and debate on which solutions are working best for which brands. Here are questions you can ask your team about its customer experience Facebook Performance By The Numbers: What Our Agency Learned In Q3 (+Tips To Drive Conversions During The Holidays!) Facebook recently conducted their quarterly agency reviews. We wanted to share several key data points from that report, along with insights and tips that you can apply to your business. Steal These Facebook/Instagram Ads To Drive Conversions For Your Ecommerce Brand (Part 2) In our last few posts, we talked about the digital marketing taxonomy, and also dug into the first six Ad Creative Types on Facebook/Instagram. Let’s keep the momentum going and dig into the final six categories and how your brand can use them.